Dershowitz: Comey ‘All About Preserving His Reputation’ – ‘Cowardly’

On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that former FBI Director James Comey is “all about preserving his reputation” and said Comey is “using his friends to get his point out. It’s cowardly.” Dershowitz said that he’s always liked Comey, but Comey has been “using his friends to get his point out. It’s cowardly. And I think it’s about time that Comey is confronted directly with cross-examination. He was a great director of the FBI, but when the whole Hillary Clinton thing began, he cared more about his reputation and his dignity than about what was good for America.” Dershowitz added, “I’d want to find out if he was the source of the leaks of the memo that he was quoted in. Second, I would ask him why he didn’t talk directly, why he’s using his friends. I would go back to his decisions to speak to the public.” He continued that while he disagreed with President Trump’s reported characterization of Comey as a “nutjob,” calling him a “showboat” is “not a bad characterization.” He further stated Comey’s motives are “all about preserving his reputation above everything else.” Dershowitz further argued that