New Orleans Removes Famous ‘Lee Circle’ Monument, Mayor Derides Critics

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – The monument to General Robert E. Lee was removed from its pedestal in Lee Circle at the heart of the city of New Orleans. Mayor Mitch Landrieu used the event to claim victory for political correctness. The famous Civil War-era monument of Robert E. Lee has been at the center of the city’s most famous traffic circle for more than a century. The statue was put on the chopping block my Landrieu after he began a crusade against four monuments he deemed “symbols of white supremacy.” Other monuments removed by the Landrieu Administration include the Battle at Liberty Place, Jefferson Davis, and the P.G.T. Beauregard Monuments, Breitbart Texas reported. All the monuments were removed at some expense to taxpayers, as New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) and New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) officials were present at each of the removal processes. The money to physically remove the monuments, though, came from a private donor which Landrieu has refused to disclose to the public. In an address to the city, Landrieu derided critics of his now infamous monument removal crusade, saying Davis, Beauregard and Lee were not patriots. “These monuments that we took down were meant to rebrand